SEO Services

Times have changed and so has SEO. You likely recall a time where having a ton of content and backlinks got you on the first page. SEO is not just comprised of content and backlinks. You need GREAT content that is valuable. More than that, you need both Onsite and Offsite SEO. But what does that mean?

Our talented Search Engine Optimization teams will analyze competitor metrics and targets, devise a custom plan of action for you and your brand and execute on that plan monthly.  Our onsite SEO team will ensure that your onsite content, including; pages, blog posts, media and articles are 100% optimized for search engine optimization per Google’s latest standards. Our Offsite SEO Team will ensure that you’re offsite plan includes high-quality backlinks, social bookmarking, geo-tagged content and images and more. With the recent Algorithym changes, it is critical that you be prepared.

Onsite SEO Technology

TCP uses the leading software, platforms and tools in order to give your content the best feed possible. SEO specializing in Keyword-friendly Content can boost your web rankings and your site traffic. Do  you have an SEO friendly brand?


Imagination, when blended with quality and key research, yields a return that you can see the difference in.  Our high-caliber, US Based Onsite and Offsite SEO teams come together to give you a 360 SEO experience.


Offsite SEO Technology

TCP uses the leading software, platforms and tools in order to give you the same edge as your competition. Offsite SEO analysis comprised of who, what, where.  Who is your competition? What are they doing differently that has them populating ahead of you in the search? Where are they populating?  TCP offsite SEO gathers this data and tailors a plan for your offsite success.


Using trusted, White-Hat SEO techniques, we stay fluid with the ever changing algorithyms to keep you ahead of the game. There are thousands of factors that go into successful SEO, trust the experts who eat SEO for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday of the week.

Ready to get your SEO moving in the right direction?