So you want to gain more of a following or fan base on Twitter? Here’s a quick tip on how to generate more interest and accumulate more followers.  An easy tool to use is the #HashTag tool. Go ahead and search the most popular topics on twitter, once you find one that may be of interest join the conversation by creating your own post, relevant to the topic at hand and be sure to use that #hashtag. Thereafter, go back and search the #hashtag via the “all” option. Go ahead and “favorite” some of the other Tweets and follow that up by following that Twitter account. In addition, it’s a great idea to comment on some of the Twitter posts that you have favorited, this will open a dialogue, get the Twitter account to converse with you and even generate follows and favorites. Go through and do this a few times on the #hashtag you have chosen. You will notice that those folks embedded with that #hashtag will begin to follow you back and also “favorite” and “retweet” your Twitter posting.

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